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— Test budgets starting from $2000

— Optimize traffic for ROI


2LEADS agency
specializes in effective

business promotion using
online marketing tools
including Google Ads

Google's contextual advertising is widely used by international companies
and Russian businesses for international promotion.

2LEADS agency specialists, using Google Ads advertising tools,
will provide your business with:


Attracting a maximum number of hot leads in your niche


Rapid growth in the number of orders in a short period


High ROI


Broad coverage of all segments of the target audience (both hot and warm or cold) without overpaying, thanks to precise Google AdWords advertising settings

Promoting businesses with Google ads in niches like E-commerce, Banking, Foodtech, Utilities, Ridesharing
has given us a deep understanding of which advertising strategies will maximize effectiveness
in each specific type of business.

Want to advertise on Google?

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and we'll discuss the specifics and features of promotion
with Google Ads in your industry.

Choose a reliable partner for your
business promotion on Google

2LEADS - a team of experts in contextual advertising, marketing, design and analysis
with serious competence in configuring and placing ads on Google, preparing selling offers,
and creating engaging creatives.

We know exactly how to attract a loyal target audience, ensure top positions in search results,
achieve high conversion rates, and boost sales flow.

We work based on KPI and are personally interested in the effectiveness of Google Ads contextual advertising

We'll generate orders within the first few weeks of work

Over 25 super-pros for each project - at your disposal

Test budgets starting from $2000


What determines
the budget

for Google AdWords?

There's a myth about the higher cost per lead in the Google advertising network.
The sole reason for this is poor advertising setup.
We will achieve a reasonable conversion cost while maintaining a high volume of traffic!

The test budget we start with begins at $2000.

The final investment amount will depend on:

Geography and promotion language

Market competition

Brand recognition

Need consultation on choosing the advertising channel?

Need consultation
on choosing
advertising channel?

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