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The structure of web promotion process

2LEADS agency is a union of upscale specialists of different profiles that skillfully combine efforts to build a powerful and effective strategy to promote your business online.

To reach outstanding sales numbers in a highly competitive environment it is not enough to simply have an Internet presence and advertise in one or two channels.

2LEADS agency utilizes a comprehensive digital approach to advertise your business that will significantly increase your target audience engagement rate, as well as the number and quality of sales.

At stage 1

We will conduct an audit of previously launched advertising tools, the specifics of your business, niche, and competitors.

At stage 2

Taking into account the specifics of your business and target audience, we will select the optimal promotion channels, creating a sales funnel that will show the maximum ROI.

At stage 3

we will implement the planned strategy in the best possible way. Working with advertising channels is carried out according to the client's KPI. For the convenience of managing advertising campaigns, we provide a service for billing advertising accounts.

Working according to KPI ensures a common vision of web promotion goals

between the client and the agency, as well as maximizing the effectiveness
of the strategy due to our direct interest in the success of the advertising campaign

Digital marketing channels that has
proven to be a great success for us

Depending on the specifics, goals and objectives for your business we will select
an optimal combination of several advertising channels:

Contextual advertising

Targeted advertising

Media advertising

Contextual advertising

Powerful and fast attraction of hot leads.

Contextual advertising

Powerful and fast attraction of hot leads.

More about contextual advertising

Targeted advertising

Professional targeting settings will ensure a constant flow of quality leads and the ability to practically infinitely expand your audience.

More about targeted advertising

Media advertising

An effective tool to expand the audience and increase brand awareness. We realize unusual and non-standard special projects. With us you will get a high-quality and effective realization of any of your ideas.

How we
increase efficiency
of web promotion

star imageOur approach is good in that you hire not individual contractors, but a cohesive team where each specialist understands the common goals and tasks for increasing sales and works purposefully to achieve these goals. This avoids inconsistent advertising campaigns and ineffective budget spending.

In addition to specialists in advertising channels,
the following will work on your project:

The creative department

Will solve tasks ranging from preparing advertising banners to a complete website redesign or rebranding of your business.

The technical support team

can develop a new website or traffic platform as needed, or significantly improve an existing web resource to increase promotion effectiveness.

The client manager

is the link between all team members, ensuring continuous improvement of ROI and unwavering achievement of set KPI.

Successful business promotion
cases with 2LEADS agency

We invite you to familiarize yourself with some of our cases:

Tools used:Yandex Direct, Google Ads
Goal:Increase the number of psychological courses applications
ResultsAttracted 458 new applications with an average CPL of 795.33 ₽;
Lowest CPL was 152.29 ₽;
Achieved a CR of 3.94% from click to application
Tools used:Yandex Direct
Goal:Increase the number of applications for credit card issuance
Period:16 days
ResultsAttracted 35 credit card applications with an average CPL of 500₽;
Lowest CPL was 176₽

Advantages of web promotion in 2LEADS

2LEADS clients appreciate us for a number of advantages:


Quick resolution of any issues

Our account manager has in-depth knowledge and can independently and quickly respond to 99% of requests.


Efficiency confirmed by KPI and profit growth

In our relationships with clients, we operate with CPC, CPL metrics, and net profit size.


All platforms under one control

There is no need to contact multiple contractors of different profiles simultaneously: 2LEADS agency has specialists in all areas of internet marketing. Reporting is provided in a convenient consolidated format for all traffic sources.


Systematic approach

2LEADS agency employees act as elements of a single mechanism, whose main task is to increase the profitability of your business.


Flexible approach

Thanks to comprehensive internet marketing and skillful combination of advertising tools, we promptly weed out low-performing channels and reallocate resources to channels with maximum profitability.


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