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ASO (App Store Optimization)

ASO (App Store Optimization) is a suite of tools for growing quality traffic from the App Store and Google Play.

Users independently come to your product when searching for it in store searches, while making a positive decision to install it.

Skillful and correct use of services and technologies allows us to see the first organic traffic in the first weeks of promotion by keywords. Thanks to a deep dive into the ASO field we can promise not only a quick getting your app in the TOP of search results but also the retention of high positions. We do not use template solutions. We developed an effective individual strategy for each project.

Stages of ASO mobile App promotion

The promotion of a mobile application include several stages


ASO marketing is based on the analysis of competitors and their promotion strategies. We will develop effective individual tactics based on the ASO audit data for bringing the application to the TOP.

Collecting semantics

It is precisely well-chosen keywords that will bring your application to the top of Google Play or the App Store according to the relevant user request.

Application Optimization

The agency's specialists are working on updating metadata, graphic and text optimization of the application page and its description in accordance with Google Play and App Store algorithms.

Promotion of the application by keywords

Specialized services are launched for the fastest possible influx of organic traffic. Their goal is to improve app visibility in search results and increase the number of organic downloads. The application will appear in the top of the search results for the keywords selected for promotion.

Measurements of the main metrics

We are observing the dynamics of ASO promotion. We make adjustments to the strategy based on the collected data.

How does ASO application optimization work and what results will it help to achieve?


How does ASO application optimization work

and what results will it help to achieve?


The main feature of ASO optimization is that it is not just a process of improving the visibility of an application but also a comprehensive approach to improving its effectiveness in the mobile application market.

Due to the fact that the application is promoted to the TOP by keywords it appears in the top search results of Google Play or App Store which looks to a user like a recommendation from the store itself. Analytics data show that ASO promotion increases the credibility of the application and gives a high conversion from views to downloads.

Interesting fact: statistics show that when searching for an application in the store a user rarely views offers outside the TOP 10 applications.

Let's see why ASO is an integral part of a successful mobile strategy.

Here are the main results that the use of the ASO strategy helps to achieve:



Increasing the number of downloads

The number of views and installations of the application is growing due to the top position in the stores.

Moreover, the higher the position of the application in the store, the more views are converted into installations which, in turn, cause a greater influx of organic traffic.


124K reviews

Improving ratings and reviews

This metric primarily depends on the quality of the application itself but attracting more targeted ASO traffic (compared to paid traffic) leads to an increase in positive reviews and an improvement in the rating.



Stable traffic without additional investments

ASO creates the foundation for stable and growing organic traffic, so you no longer have to pay for each installation.

The payback of ASO mobile app promotion (ROI) is very high and only continues to increase over time (no additional investment is required, the popularity and number of downloads continue to grow).


All these advantages are inherent in ASO promotion only if the process is in the hands of professionals who monitor the dynamics and quality of traffic, competitiveness in the niche, new trends in the algorithms of the App store and Google. They make timely adjustments to the promotion strategy.


Unskillful use of ASO promotion tools, on the contrary, may have the most unpleasant consequences up to the loss of application positions in the search results which will be quite difficult to restore in the future.

Why you should order ASO promotion from us

2LEADS agency experts guarantee a personalized and professional approach. We know all the nuances of Google Play and App Store algorithms and skillfully use ASO services as effective auxiliary promotion tools. Therefore, the results of our customers are always stable and provide high-quality ASO traffic for a long time. Other reasons to contact us:


Expertise in ASO 5+ years


High install retention rate


Analysis and optimization


Proven success


Transparency and accountability




A comprehensive approach

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