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2LEADS is a 360 digital — marketing agency


We are real experts at promoting mobile apps for iOS and Android to an audience of any country.

We make money for our customers through the effective use of rare digital marketing channels that are inaccessible to most advertisers and also due to our own unique developments in the field of multi-channel User Acquisition and App Store Optimization.

Our task is to provide a mobile application with a targeted and solvent audience. We know how to attract monetizable users in a highly competitive environment.

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We work with any payment modelstar

Our main goal is your ROAS.

Therefore, together with you, we select a payment model that will guarantee the return on investment for your business.

What results are we helping to achieve in the promotion of applications


We attract paying hot leads

We use only proven sources of high-quality traffic among the digital marketing channels. We do not apply for rewarding users as promotion methods. We get conversions only from real users. Our customers don't pay for trash leads.


Reaching TOP rate

The best way to get the maximum quantity of app installations is to provide its appearance in the TOP positions in search results in App Store and Google Play. Applications from the top positions of the stores cause more trust among users. Even if the user has stopped using it in the future, it can always be returned by retargeting methods.


Reducing advertising costs

Optimization of advertising campaigns reduces the cost of targeted actions and increases the payback of advertising. We use only advanced analytics systems and masterfully work with CPI, CPA, FTD.

Mobile apps promotion tools

We don't just sell individual services. Our 360 digital marketing agency is aimed at competent brand positioning, creating a unified concept, a holistic individual strategy based on an analysis of your business, competitors and a well-thought-out media plan.

New users acquisition
(In-House User Acquisition)

In-app advertising

ASO (App Store Optimization)

Mobile apps retargeting

New users acquisition
(In-House User Acquisition)

We use the most effective specialized channels for the purchase of high-quality targeted traffic Integral, ironSource Aura, Vungle, AppLovin, Apple Search Ads, as well as contextual and targeted advertising.

If you decide to advertise your application on a large scale — we will offer you the most top-end media buying tools! You will get the maximum targeted actions at a low price with us.

New users acquisition
(In-House User Acquisition)

We use the most effective specialized channels for the purchase of high-quality targeted traffic Integral, ironSource Aura, Vungle, AppLovin, Apple Search Ads, as well as contextual and targeted advertising.

If you decide to advertise your application on a large scale — we will offer you the most top-end media buying tools! You will get the maximum targeted actions at a low price with us.

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In-app advertising

One of the most effective directions in the field of mobile marketing.

We work with 50+ traffic sources from popular SSPs, including premium platforms - Unity, AppNext, Applovin, Vungle, ironSource.

Traffic optimization based on fraud indicators.

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ASO (App Store Optimization)

A full range of organic mobile app promotion services in Google Play and App Store.

From creating high quality preview materials (selling screenshots and videos) to reputation management and bringing the application to the top.

Control at every stage and the firm expertise of our agency's employees in the promotion of mobile applications guarantee a digitally measurable result.

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Mobile apps retargeting

The absence of customized retargeting is equivalent to draining the advertising budget.

We will bring back interested users who have not made a purchase.

We will set up an effective retargeting using the Audience Builder segmentation tools.

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The price of mobile app promotion is calculated after preliminary acquaintance with your project. The test budget starts from $2200

We create professional selling content and creatives for advertising campaigns at the customers' request.

Our experts know how to catch and hold the attention of the audience!

Mobile application
promotion cases

We specialize in a variety of business areas

The database of our successful cases
is extensive and has 400+ projects.
We are pleased to present some
of them for review
Geo services
Tools used:DSP, Huawei, Xiaomi
Goal:Acquire In-App first-order users in the mobile application
Period:2 months
ResultsOver 600 first orders monthly in line with the client's CAC KPI;
Optimization based on the metrics of the integrated anti-fraud system Adjust
Tools used:Huawei, In-App
Goal:Attracting users to In-App who place their first orders in the mobile application
Period:2 years
ResultsOver 1000 first-time orders monthly in accordance with the client’s CAC KPI;
CR(Click/Install) > 0,1%;
Optimization based on the metrics of the built-in anti-fraud system Adjust
Tools used:Google Ads
Goal:Acquire a new audience to the product increasing the average time spent;|br|Within client's benchmarks, CPA for 30 minutes of a user presence on the site
ResultsAttracted 22,000 new users within KPI parameters;
Reduced CPA by more than 3.5 times in search network campaigns: from $0.4 to $0.11
Tools used:Yandex Direct, Google Ads
Goal:Increase the number of psychological courses applications
ResultsAttracted 458 new applications with an average CPL of 795.33 ₽;
Lowest CPL was 152.29 ₽;
Achieved a CR of 3.94% from click to application
Tools used:Huawei, XapAds, Hybe, Unity
Goal:Attracting In-App users who make first-time deposits
Period:10 months
ResultsOver 500 FTDs monthly;
Optimization of traffic quality and reduction of fraud indicators. Reducing high and middle fraud metrics according to the FraudScore analytics system.
Tools used:In-app, Google Ads
Goal:Achieve 30d ROAS KPI
Period:4 months
ResultsKPI - 150% ROAS on 30d;
7,000 installs in 3 weeks;
Closely monitored the client’s ROI on ad placements and scaled only high-quality In-App sources, successfully optimized against fraud
Tools used:In-App, TikTok, DSP
Goal:Achieving client benchmarks for in-game purchase conversion;|br|Meeting KPIs for the profitability of the acquired traffic
Period:2 months
Results- Evolved Tiktok through ROAS optimization
of KPI;
D14 ROAS - 85%
Tools used:Google Ads, TikTok, DSP
Goal:Increase the active audience of the app through RR (Retention Rate) optimization;|br|Decrease the cost of the first-time in-app purchase
Period:6 months
ResultsA 1.5-fold reduction in CPA for subscription sign-ups in the first month of optimization;
Weekly development and updating of the creative part of the advertising campaign
Tools used:In-App
Goal:Attracting new users for the trial version of the product;|br|Meeting the hard KPI on CR for subscription sign-ups after the trial ends
Period:3 months
ResultsAttracting up to 150 trials monthly within the Hard KPI with a trend towards growth;
A 15% month-on-month volume increase due to optimization and experimentation with creatives
Tools used:In-App
Goal:Acquire users to the app to apply for a range of banking products (credit, debit) within the quality and CR for application submission requirements
Period:2 years
ResultsOver 600 Tinkoff Black debit cards issued monthly on iOS;
Over 4% conversion from installation to application with a CR click/installs rate of 48%
Tools used:Yandex Direct
Goal:Increase the number of applications for credit card issuance
Period:16 days
ResultsAttracted 35 credit card applications with an average CPL of 500₽;
Lowest CPL was 176₽
Tools used:Xiaomi; DSP, NativeX (iOS)
Goal:Acquire new users with a high conversion rate to the target action within the first week after installation; KPIs for RR d7 and d14 were set
Period:1 year
ResultsOver 30,000 installs  with strong performance in target event metrics;
Use of a new type of creative communication to increase engagement with the product's functional features
Tools used:programmatic DSP
Goal:Brand performance campaign with a VTR (View Through Rate) KPI of no less than 70% for promotional videos
Period:27.04- 27.05
ResultsNumber of video views: 2,300,000;
Average VTR of 78.4%;
64 applications received

We are trusted because:


We understand you half-heartedly

Account managers of the 2 LEADS agency are competent in the marketing of applications, and therefore will be able to provide comprehensive information on the project as quickly as possible


Deep competence in the field of mobile marketing

The accumulated expertise and understanding of processes and patterns in the niche allow us to develop and implement our own technologies to promote mobile applications


An In-house team will work on your project

We do not hire freelancers. 2LEADS agency is a fully staffed in-house staff. You will have several dozen first-class specialists at your disposal who have actually shown their professionalism and competence in the field of mobile application marketing.


The largest inventory in the market

We have over 100 sources for mobile promotion at our disposal. We can create the combination that will be most beneficial for you.


We are recommended

More than 60% of new customers come to us precisely by the recommendation of our clients!


Payment based on the result

We work according to KPI and are directly interested in the success of your project.


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