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We know that the success of the company is impossible without the success and prosperity of each individual employee

dream team

Therefore, the welfare and development of each team
member has always been and will always be our priority.

Do you want to grow professionally, implement your ideas and plans, learn from great experts, express yourself without fear of mistakes and misunderstandings? The 2LEADS team is the perfect place for breakthrough growth and mastering your skills! We are interested in increasing your income and professionalism.

We can offer a super friendly and relaxed atmosphere, assistance from senior colleagues and support in your training. You are going to need to have healthy ambitions to become number one in your field, the desire to learn and acquire experience, passion, proactivity and the courage to introduce fresh ideas!

We are waiting for you to achieve great results together and celebrate our common successes!


5 Reasons to work for 2LEADS

Creative atmosphere

We take special pride in creating an atmosphere where everyone feels free and safe. Here you can unleash your potential, voice and implement any ideas.

You can feel as open and easy as at home. We don't have silly questions and ideas that are not worth attention.


We measure productivity by results

We have abandoned stupid templates, a million meetings and do not keep track of how many minutes each person sat at work. The end result is the main criteria of your productivity. And we are ready to help in creating ideal conditions for its growth.

Or at the very least not to interfere :)


Continuous growth

We take care that you do not stand still in your growth and development. We will also value your own initiative in gaining new knowledge in addition to the ways we offer to improve your skills.


Ambitious goals

The main pool of our clients includes large and medium—sized businesses from a wide variety of niches. The variety and range of tasks will not make you bored. Absolutely, each of the employees will find room for creative imagination and new ideas.


professional boundaries

Participation in related processes and brainstorming sessions will enrich your skills and professional experience. Put forward hypotheses, observe how new ideas are born and implemented.

We have no doubt that with us you will unlock your creative potential as quickly as possible.


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How do you hire employees?

After reviewing responses for open job postings, we select interesting resumes. If you were contacted after this stage, congratulations! An interview awaits you ahead during which we will get to know each other better and you will be able to ask questions about the company and the position. We will strive to find out how much our values, goals and objectives overlap. After the interview you will be offered a test assignment to see you in action. Feel free to show off all your best skills and ideas. After the completion of the test task we may require an additional meeting.

Once all the steps are completed we will be happy to see you in our team!


I sent a resume but did not receive a response. What should I do?

It is not always possible to respond super-quickly to incoming resumes but we make significant efforts to do so. Therefore, if your response has not been answered within 15 days most likely we are not ready to invite you to an interview yet. In any case, if a suitable vacancy appears for you we will definitely inform you!