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We are a digital marketing agency

with expertise in contextual advertising

2LEADS is a collaboration of young and ambitious professionals from various backgrounds who are passionate about their work. Contextual advertising services are one of our core areas, where we have gained extensive practical experience.

Your project will be handled by a team of specialists including designers, account managers, and contextual experts. Only such a comprehensive approach to contextual advertising can turn advertising campaigns into powerful promotional tools rather than just an additional expense in your budget.

Contextual advertising — the best way to quickly boosting sales

Advertising on Yandex and Google, as well as on auxiliary resources and platforms, is an effective and fastest way to reach hot target leads.

The processes of setting up and launching contextual advertising in our company are fine-tuned to the smallest details. Each part of the process is managed by a specialized expert.

2Leads agency practices a digital marketing approach, which involves a comprehensive selection of promotion channels and the creation of media plans fully adapted to the specifics of your business and brand. No assembly line approach to advertising launch.

Setting up internet advertising in search
engines consists of three main stages:


Project analysis and strategy development, including media planning and creative creation.

Target audience segmentation.

Collection of quality semantics.



Monitoring advertising performance metrics.

Expanding semantics and the list of negative keywords based on accumulated statistics.

If necessary, preparing recommendations for landing page adjustments to increase website ad conversion.



In-depth analysis of advertising channels.

AB testing.

Competitor analysis - allows us to bring advertising indicators to maximum profitability.


When working with us, we guarantee the following benefits:

Precise tracking of lead quality
based on metrics

Payment for our services is contingent on achieving KPI

First leads within 1-2 days
of launching advertising

Generate a continuous
flow of orders

Reduce the cost per lead,
saving your budget

Advantages of promoting through
contextual advertising at 2LEADS agency

We create internet advertising that hits the mark precisely. Designers and contextual experts with extensive experience in their field know exactly how to capture the attention of your potential customers, even in conditions of extremely high competition.

We are so confident in our results that we promise: if the advertising does not achieve the stated conversion rates, we will refund the full cost of the services. Your task is to improve your business. Our task is to effectively convey all the advantages of your offer to the audience. Bring in maximum customers and profits to your cash register. Unlock your growth potential with contextual advertising from 2LEADS today!

What problems does 2LEADS
agency help solve?

Low profitability

Endless advertising adjustments
that do not yield results

Complex interaction
with account managers

Many leads but no sales

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If you have already had experience ordering advertising setup and management from agencies or private specialists, you may have encountered the following difficulties.

The reason for this negative experience lies in the common practice of contextual agencies, where advertising campaigns are set up uniformly and routinely.

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We guarantee a personalized, exclusive, and the most honest approach to your project.

Recommendations from 2LEADS are always oriented towards the client's interests, even if they are not beneficial from the agency's perspective! And this principle remains unchanged.

Business promotion cases using
contextual advertising tools

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Our vast database of successful cases includes over 400 projects and allows us to confidently predict high results for your business.

We invite you to explore some of our cases:

Tools used:In-app, Google Ads
Goal:Achieve 30d ROAS KPI
Period:4 months
ResultsKPI - 150% ROAS on 30d;
7,000 installs in 3 weeks;
Closely monitored the client’s ROI on ad placements and scaled only high-quality In-App sources, successfully optimized against fraud
Tools used:Google Ads, TikTok, DSP
Goal:Increase the active audience of the app through RR (Retention Rate) optimization;|br|Decrease the cost of the first-time in-app purchase
Period:6 months
ResultsA 1.5-fold reduction in CPA for subscription sign-ups in the first month of optimization;
Weekly development and updating of the creative part of the advertising campaign
Tools used:Google Ads
Goal:Acquire a new audience to the product increasing the average time spent;|br|Within client's benchmarks, CPA for 30 minutes of a user presence on the site
ResultsAttracted 22,000 new users within KPI parameters;
Reduced CPA by more than 3.5 times in search network campaigns: from $0.4 to $0.11
Tools used:Yandex Direct, Google Ads
Goal:Increase the number of psychological courses applications
ResultsAttracted 458 new applications with an average CPL of 795.33 ₽;
Lowest CPL was 152.29 ₽;
Achieved a CR of 3.94% from click to application
Tools used:Yandex Direct
Goal:Increase the number of applications for credit card issuance
Period:16 days
ResultsAttracted 35 credit card applications with an average CPL of 500₽;
Lowest CPL was 176₽

Why should you order contextual
advertising from 2LEADS agency?

Digital marketing approach

We take the entire cycle of promoting your business online - context, targeting, mobile app advertising, display advertising, and creative production.
The most effective promotion tools available will be used to promote your brand.
We ensure high-quality results in the shortest possible time.

Transparency of cooperation

We provide any reporting and analytics data.
Scheduled and, if necessary, additional reports upon your request.

No unanswered calls

A significant feature of our agency is that the account manager has specialized knowledge and can independently (which means very quickly) provide a comprehensive answer to your project-related inquiries!

Types of internet advertising
we set up:

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