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Digital marketing

agency 2Leads

offers targeted
advertising services

We continuously enhance our skills in targeting, applying unique advertising methods and practices that bring profit to our clients.

The distinctive feature of targeting is lightning-fast results in the form
of high-quality leads, precisely measurable outcomes, and a clearly predictable financial benefit from the tool from the first days of campaign launch.

Why you should choose
targeted advertising with us?

Effective strategies

We will create a complete sales funnel, a system that transcend advertising investments by multiple times.

This includes selecting optimal advertising channels, media planning, working on triggers and messages, and preparing engaging creatives.

If necessary, we will conduct audience segmentation, analyze competitors, and perform marketing analysis.


Stopping fraud in its tracks

Maximizing the financial benefit for the client from launching targeted advertising is our priority.

That's why we continuously work to minimize manipulations in our advertising campaigns.


Quality of our work
speaks for itself

The result of our work with targeted advertising is increased revenue in your cash register.

We work to increase both the quantity and quality of orders or to enhance brand recognition and expand reach.


Advanced customer service

We have solved the problem of unanswered phones.

Our account manager doesn't go back and forth between specialists.

They have knowledge and up-to-date information about the project.

Therefore, 99% of requests are resolved instantly.


Maximum transparency

We work according to pre-agreed KPIs.

If there is the desired result, there is payment.

We provide regular reports at any time, upon your request.


Continuous improvement
of metrics

Targeted advertising is a unique field in digital marketing that doesn't tolerate conservative solutions.

Our creative department is always aware of fresh trends capable of capturing and retaining audience attention!


In-house team

No freelancers from job marketplaces!

Our trust-worthy team of super-experts works on your project, and we vouch for their professionalism and clear compliance with KPIs.


Choose the best

targeted advertising

agency for your business

Targeted advertising is an effective tool for attracting potential customers,
capable of generating million-dollar profits and lots and lots of actual sales!

But there is one loophole — it's only as good as the hands it's in.

That's why it's so important to thoughtfully approach the choice

of a targeted advertising agency.

Agency 2LEADS has unique and diverse expertise in targeting.

Below are niches where we have been successfully
earning money for businesses:





We work based on KPI

Therefore, our motivation is rooted in the effectiveness of your advertising
not only from an ethical standpoint but also for financial reasons

Business promotion

case studies

through targeted advertising

2LEADS agency experts have successfully
launched 400+ projects
in a wide variety of business niches.

We understand the specifics of media buying
in almost every industry.

Take a look at some of our case studies:

Tools used:In-App, TikTok, DSP
Goal:Achieving client benchmarks for in-game purchase conversion;|br| Meeting KPIs for the profitability of the acquired traffic
Period:2 months
Results- Evolved Tiktok through ROAS optimization of KPI;
D14 ROAS - 85%
Tools used:Google Ads, TikTok, DSP
Goal:Increase the active audience of the app through RR (Retention Rate) optimization; Decrease the cost of the first-time in-app purchase
Period:6 months
ResultsA 1.5-fold reduction in CPA for subscription sign-ups in the first month of optimization; Weekly development and updating of the creative part of the advertising campaign

What features
of targeted

advertising do we use?


Maximum reach

We create creatives not only on popular but also
on rare targeting channels.

We use effective combinations that are unavailable
to most advertisers in the market.


Capturing attention

Internet users are saturated with advertising.

Fortunately, 2LEADS targetologists
are experts
in capturing and retaining audience attention!


Collecting unique user data

User Data Skillful use of targeted advertising analytics tools provides your
business with a powerful competitive advantage.

The precise data collected by our targetologists about your potential
customers allows for hyper-segmentation of the audience and formulating
triggers that are as close and clear as possible to your target audience.


Lightning-fast response

Continuous monitoring of advertising campaign metrics enables us to quickly
make necessary adjustments to ensure stable traffic and the growth
of targeted advertising effectiveness.


Implementing the best in targeting

We are always up to date with the latest trends that can be skillfully
used to draw attention to your product.

What stages are involved
in setting up

targeted advertising?


Strategy Development

Niche and competitor analysis (if necessary)

Media planning

Preparing hypotheses


Creative Production

Developing a cohesive  concept (we can base it on your brand book)

Preparing creatives, including videos
Approval of advertising materials



Targetologist carefully works with audiences and settings

Campaign launch


Testing Hypotheses

Based on analytics data, the most effective combinations are selected, and optimization is carried out

New combinations and hypotheses are put into action


Top targeted
advertising platforms

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